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About University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The scope of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences spans the breadth of human endeavor. Within its more than 60 academic units, faculty and students are pursuing knowledge on scales that stretch from the subatomic to the cosmic and from the individual to the global.

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Illinois prepares students for success in a variety of career paths within our diverse, complex, and always-changing world. An LAS education provides students with a depth of knowledge in their selected major, along with a broad, well-rounded educational experience. LAS students have the opportunity to develop academically, personally, and professionally, gaining skills in areas such as critical thinking, creativity, and global competency. Our students gain real-world experience in the classroom, in research labs, through internships out in the field, and through study abroad programs offered across the world. Read more about the college.


LAS 100 Student Intern

August 2022 Champaign, IL
“I like the working environment, the instructors are cool and nice, they helped walked me through all the process that I'll need to do for my work. The work is meaningful because I get to get in touch with international freshman students and be their peer mentor. ”

LAS 101 Intern

March 2021 - December 2021 Champaign, IL
“I liked how unique this experience was. You get to be a peer mentor and classroom facilitator to your own students while also learning about leadership development. ”
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