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16 SEC programs, Five National Championships since 2007.


Strength and Conditioning Coach Intern

January 2020 - March 2020 Nashville, TN
“Every day I saw great examples of professional conduct among staff and found that the environment was overall positive regardless of outside circumstances. Even in the face of conflict, the coaches practiced respectful, honest and patient manners of resolving it. Besides good communication and respect being practiced by everyone there, the environment was also organized and functional, making it very supportive of our goal to strengthen and condition athletes in a time efficient manner with minimal distractions. It was refreshing to observe such a supportive environment and having the opportunity to take part in it taught me a lot about my own social skills and how to apply them in a professional environment. Since I’m quite an extrovert, it was important to be approachable while also establishing appropriate boundaries so that the athletes viewed me as a leader and not only as a peer.”
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