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Looking for honest input about being a sales representative at Vector Marketing! What's it like working there on a daily basis?

It really depends on you. You have to call people and schedule in house presentations and then go to their house and close on the sale. The cutlery is a quality product so it sells itself. Plus the majority of the people you sell to at first are people you know so they are going to probably buy s...
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Tips to help me out before I'm interviewed for a sales representative job at Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is an MLM company, which means the "interviewer" is being paid to recruit you... Like any MLM company, you need to realize your only chance at success is to become a recruiter. Some say these types of business models are "modern day ponzi schemes".... and i'd probably agree with ...
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Looking for information about the company culture at Vector Marketing!

Vector and Cutco have created a space for students to learn, grow and gain part-time work experience on their own schedule. With a flexible schedule, students can work as much or as little as they like around their class schedule. After a full training, Vector Marketing Sales Reps setup virtual o...
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Can a major in psychology help someone be prepared for a sales representative job at Vector Marketing?

Psychology really just helps me understand people more so I understood when appointments didn't end the way I wanted them to or when I would come in contact with a person that wasn't the friendliest. It also helped me prepare for appointments as I knew what things I can do to make others feel the...
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Is it true that work-life balance is quite flexible for sales representatives at Vector Marketing?

You make your own schedule and set up appointments on the times that work best for you so the work-life management is completely in your hands. If one week you know you will be overwhelmed with life things you can choose to simply not set up any appointments for that week and have it off. With th...
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I'm currently an exercise science major. Is there any way this could prepare me for a sales representative job at Vector Marketing?

It allowed me to relate to many clients I would go and see. I could talk to them about sports which commonly related back to their kids, it gave me insight knowledge on the importance of health, and I was able to help promotes wellness which related to ideas for the customers to cook with their n...
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