About Veralon

Veralon is a healthcare management consulting firm that partners with our clients to provide guidance and assistance with strategic initiatives, mergers and transactions, valuations, physician integration and emerging payment models. We rely on data-driven analyses, financial acumen, and our collective experiences to prepare customized solutions for our clients’ needs.

Veralon delivers the kind of guidance and support that can only come from a strong commitment to helping clients find the right path forward. No matter how complicated a merger is or how fraught a contract negotiation with a new physician may be, Veralon’s experts have seen it all before, and know what to do to counsel clients smoothly through the mire.

We are a group of dedicated people who treat our clients like colleagues and push ourselves to give each and every client we work with a tailored experience. Every engagement isn’t simply a transaction, but an opportunity to build a lasting relationship that empowers our clients – the leaders driving healthcare forward – to grow a healthy and thriving system.

Many companies talk about work-life balance, but we live it. While our work can be demanding, we ensure our employees have the capacity to pursue the things they love outside of the office.


Analyst intern

June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“My 10 weeks at Veralon left me with more knowledge than I could have even imagined. I now feel confident using healthcare jargon that I was not even familiar with at the start of my internship. Everyone at the office is eager to teach and helps you adjust to the learning curve. A great place if you want to learn more about the healthcare field while experiencing the industry of consulting.”
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