VEST, Inc.

About VEST, Inc.

VEST, Inc. is an innovation-driven company offering systems engineering software solutions for distributors, system integrator, and select OEMs – check us out at
VEST has offered desktop solutions to the hydraulics industry since 2000 providing engineers with end-to-end automation needed to execute 2D schematic and 3D manifold designs. VEST has more recently extended these capabilities as cloud-based services for both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and retail salesmen, field service technicians, and engineers.

• AutoRouter™ is the world’s first and only automated manifold design service, refer
• MDTools® is the world’s only 3D parametric software created exclusively for manifold design
• HyDraw CAD® is the premier schematic design product with a self-contained 2D CAD engine
• NetSkeme® is the world’s first cloud-based, multi-domain schematic service using DWG file format
• NetBlok3D™ is the world’s first cloud-based, 3D manifold design, editing, and inspection software

Serving customers in 34 countries, VEST operates offices out of the USA (Troy MI), Italy (Padova), and India (New Delhi).

Work Environment:
We have a transparent, honest, supportive and flexible work culture. We believe working together to accommodate each other’s needs always results in a win-win situation. We aspire for talented, supportive employees who value each others' contributions and passion to learn.


CAD Software Product Intern

May 2021 - August 2022 Troy, MI
“Working with VEST was a fantastic experience for my first internship. They are incredibly understanding and work with you to make a schedule that suits you. I was able to gain much experience in the realm of CAD and software development in general. The absolute best part of the internship was the people. I worked very closely with the president/founder of the company, Yudi Raina, and it was a great experience working with the company's president for a first internship. Throughout the time I worked with VEST, they never hesitated to help in any way they could, and always understood when I was sick or if there was something going on in my life. ”
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