Vestal Central School District

About Vestal Central School District

The Vestal Central School District believes each student is unique and can learn. The District's mission is to provide instruction, programs, strategies and challenges in a caring, positive learning environment. Each student will become a critical thinker, a lifelong learner and a responsible, contributing citizen in a changing global society. The Board of Education, staff, parents, students and community share a commitment to this mission.
District Goals

All Vestal students are challenged to meet ever-increasing standards of excellence in preparation for participation in the global society.

Students’ efforts to learn and grow are supported by assuring all a positive educational environment.

By communicating openly and effectively about our students and the district’s programs, we foster community pride in Vestal Schools.

Invest fiscal resources responsibly and effectively to accomplish the district’s mission.

Shared Decision Making: Excellence and Accountability

During the 1989-90 and 1990-91 school years, the district served the New York State Education Department as a pilot district in an Excellence and Accountability Program. The basic activity of this program was to develop a planning model for the district to assess educational needs/priorities and to address such needs/priorities as the building level. This would be achieved through a shared decision making model. This has been addressed by the formation of the District Planning Group (DPG), Building Planning Teams (BPT) and a concerted, district-wide effort emphasizing and incorporating shared decision making. The District will continue its pursuit of excellence and accountability. A planning model is in place, with shared decision making as the key element. Stakeholders, including parents, staff at all levels and students continue to have input as five-year educational plans are implemented and updated in each of the district's building. The goal of every building planning team is to address and improve student achievement.


School Custodian

May 2018 - August 2018 Vestal, NY
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