Zap Energy Incorporated

About Zap Energy Incorporated

Zap Energy Inc. is developing and commercializing fusion energy technology using the
sheared-flow stabilized (SFS) Z-pinch. Fusion energy provides a nearly-limitless and carbon-free source of clean energy. The highly-motivated scientific and technical team is
conducting fast-paced, exciting, break-through work to push the SFS Z-pinch technology toward
scientific breakeven conditions: successful achievement of this goal will revolutionize energy
production. Zap Energy’s approach represents the most elegant fusion configuration, as it does not
require magnetic field coils nor auxiliary heating. We focus on rigorous experimental and
computational research methodologies. We are a well-funded spinout company from the
University of Washington, located in the Seattle WA area.


Valve Engineering Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Everett, WA
“The mentors were great. They allowed me to work on things on my own and develop skills without being overbearing. I was able to get advice from my mentors, experience multiple aspects of engineering, and even got the opportunity to present my project to the head of the R&D department. ”
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