About Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a nonprofit arts and community development organization.
We are committed to growing and sustaining a community that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable; artistic and vibrant; environmentally conscious; and a place where every individual can thrive. Working in partnership across our region, Zeitgeist connects like-minded organizations and people to collaboratively create programs that make lasting change.

We run the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, Teatro performance theater, and Zinema movie theaters. While those venues together represent the physical space of Zeitgeist, it is the people who gather within them to celebrate culture, exchange ideas, and create a shared experience that gives Zeitgeist its purpose.

Zeitgeist is about enhancing and enriching the life of our community. We offer artists a venue to earn income from their work, and encourage them to be bold by offering them a venue free of censorship, judgment, or restriction. We support the local economy by committing to purchase from local farmers, businesses, and craftspeople. Along with all of the great artistic and creative institutions throughout the Twin Ports, we are helping to define ourselves as a culturally rich, creative community.

Our success depends in part on the charitable support of our community. We hope you find the experiences you have here at Zeitgeist to be engaging, awakening, and fun. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved in helping to ensure that Zeitgeist is an institution that lasts long into our community’s future.


Social Media Marketing Intern

June 2018 Duluth, MN
“Freedom to change my role to fit what the company needed. I came in to run a project intended to bring in millennial-aged customers but ended up analyzing their social media channels and training them on proper usage of Instagram for business.”
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