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Zsoldos Coaching is a boutique full-service tutoring and academic coaching company that takes a holistic approach to education, emphasizing "big picture"​ critical thinking skills in the context of achieving success on the immediate tasks, with a focus on NYC-specific testing and admissions, subject tutoring, and standardized tests.



November 2021 - August 2022 New York City, NY
“My experience working at Zsoldos Coaching was wonderful. The company is extremely well-organized: there were never any errors administratively and Andrew, my manager was delightful to work for. As a tutor, I did not need to worry about anything other than developing effective course content for my students and honing my own teaching skills. Moreover, the company is extremely protective of and considerate to its tutors. Not only was the work schedule hybrid and flexible, but the company also ensured that all of my tutor-student relationships were positive and well-suited. All of my students were diligent, polite and attentive; I was even given the opportunity to design my own syllabi for several of my students which I doubt would have been possible at any other tutoring agency. Overall, Zsoldos Coaching is a great place to work for anyone passionate about teaching or passionate about knowledge in general.”

Academic coach

November 2021 New York City, NY
“Working at Zsoldos Coaching has been one of my favorite job experiences to date! Andrew is wonderful at managing tutors and students alike, and works to find the right fit for each student. The hours are flexible and hybrid, which is appreciated. I love the students that I work with, and it's been great to see them grow over the past year. I highly recommend working at Zsoldos Coaching! ”
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