About Zuora

OUR VISION IS SIMPLE: We call it “The World Subscribed”.

It’s the idea that one day every company will join the Subscription Economy -- a $1.5 Trillion opportunity by 2025 according to UBS.

Customers have changed. They’re looking for new ways to engage with businesses. Consumers today have a new set of expectations. They want outcomes, not ownership. Customization, not generalization. Constant improvement, not planned obsolescence.

In the old world (let’s call it the Product Economy) it was all about things. Acquiring new customers, shipping commodities, billing for one-time transactions. But in today’s new era, it’s all about relationships. More and more customers are becoming subscribers because subscription experiences built around services meet consumers’ needs better than the static offerings or a single product.

As consumers wave goodbye to ownership, join us as we help companies win on their journey to usership!


Software Engineer Intern

June 2019 San Mateo, CA
“Great learning experience where I've gotten the chance to learn what it's like to develop as part of a team and get a head start on learning some tools that I would use in a production setting. ”
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