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Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine is located at 822 Lafayette Rd., Hampton, NH 03842. We gathered the best beauty experts to work collaboratively with you to surpass your skin rejuvenation expectations. Our mission: Bringing one’s inner beauty to the Surface while remaining cognizant of the client’s total well-being!


Medical Assistant and Project Manager

April 2021 Hampton, NH
“Working for Tara as a medical assistant and project manager has been the most incredible work experience I have ever had. Our office environment is small and close-knit, like a family, and everyone is so supportive of each other and inspiring. I was hesitant about going to medical school after college and I was concerned that I didn't really want to commit to it 100% for various reasons but most of all I thought it was not something I was still excited to do. This job has really revived my interest in medicine and given me a taste of what it looks like to combine my passion for helping others with my interest in cosmetic medicine. I'm now planning on enrolling in nursing school! ”
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