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Can anyone provide some tips for my upcoming interview at Deloitte?

Before an interview with Deloitte I would just say to relax. A lot of the accounting firms don't really care on how smart you are, but rather how you interact with people. In the interview it contains a lot of small talk and just getting to know each other. With Deloitte and really any public acc...
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What kind of mentorship program does Deloitte offer? It is helpful and effective?

Yes! So you are assigned a Buddy, a Coach and a Counselor. You’re buddy is a new hire (probably a first year) and they are there to answer all of your dumb questions. What can I wear, where’s the bathroom, what are the partners/ senior managers names, what time do I show up, what do I do when the...
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Can anyone tell me how much support I should expect from upper management during my internship at Deloitte?

As an intern at Deloitte Detroit this past summer, I received an excellent level of support from upper management (Seniors, Managers). All interns at the office I interned at were given a "Coach" that acted as a guide and was there to support us throughout the course of our internships. This was ...
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What can I expect from the company culture at Deloitte?

To me, Deloitte has a young and active culture. While it can be a bit tough to get a sense of a company's true culture while they are trying to "woo" their interns with happy hours, Nats games, and other intern events, I did notice genuine friendships among the audit staff at the client sites I w...
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Overall, what does it take to succeed at Deloitte?

Ability to take direction and learn quickly. You should expect to take on a lot of responsibility early and want to continually add more high level tasks. Always ask for feedback from your managers. In all situations you should come to a meeting with a problem (if one exists) and a solution to th...
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What can I expect while interning in the auditing dept at Deloitte?

The job description of an audit intern depends on whether you are a summer or winter intern. If you are a winter intern, you will be exposed to a busy season audit for the 10-K (year-end reporting) and will learn a lot. You will help out on any of the less risky or tedious areas of an audit, but ...
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What can I do to improve my chances of turning this audit intern position at Deloitte & Touche into a full-time offer?

The work ethic and attitude you bring with you every day to work speaks volumes. If you come to work every day with the attitude that you are going to help your team and make a difference in the audit then you are going to do great.
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Will my role as an audit intern really contribute to the mission of Deloitte & Touche?

As an audit intern with Deloitte, I worked in the middle of audits as if I was a full-time employee. The team had me working on workpapers and asking questions to the client when necessary. I was able to really be a part of the team working towards completing the audit. When I completed my intern...
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I'm going to be an audit intern at Deloitte. If anyone here has done this internship, could you possibly speak about how much ownership over my work I will have?

As an audit intern, I had some, but not a whole lot of autonomy with regards to the work assigned to me. There were only certain aspects of the audit that I could work on, as an intern. I would work on whatever tasks the team assigned to me. However, once given your tasks or certain work to do, y...
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As an audit intern, what attributes could help me to be successful at Deloitte?

So the internship program is designed in such a way that will provide you unlimited learning curve. You don’t have to be expert at anything. You are here to learn. Just a basic accounting and auditing knowledge that will help you understand the client and its financial data. A decent knowledge of...
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Does Deloitte uphold their stated company values?

Deloitte does a great job at upholding their values and what is important to their employees. They take the time to listen to our needs and come up ways to execute a plan. We value the work/life balance and your team respects that time you take away from work.
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What qualities are interviewers at Deloitte looking for?

The 3 primary qualities/experiences an interviewer looks for is to have strong skills in the following areas: Leadership - have experience being a leader in either a project, club, or group. Once you reach the role of a senior in audit (2-3 years depending on the Big 4 firm), you will be mentorin...
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If I really want to ace this interview for a Tax Intern role, what essential qualities should I be promoting?

I'd pick out your 2-3 best experiences from your resume and emphasize them. Mine was my study abroad and part time job, definitely don't just go through your whole resume, they're trying to talk to you. My main interview was 30 minutes and it ended up being a conversation with a partner and we ta...
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Can I expect decent work-life balance while I'm working as an audit intern at Deloitte?

It depends on the type of internship you have. I have been fortunate enough to complete both a winter/spring internship and a summer one. Most clients have a 12/31 year end and audit opinions are normally due in March an April of the following year. On average auditors are working extremely hard ...
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What do I need to learn to be a Deloitte analyst?

During my time at Deloitte, I found that people came from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. That being said, as an Economic Analyst, my skills were primarily data analysis, econometric modeling, qualitative and quantitative research.
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I'm an Audit Intern with an upcoming interview at Deloitte, what should I know beforehand?

Interview at deloitte was pretty straight forward without any technical questions. A good amount of confidence is required as you will be interviewed by top managing people. Be ready to tell about your previous work experience if any and how it makes you eligible for public accountancy. You shoul...
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I am a rising senior wanting to get into consulting. Would you recommend Deloitte as a company to start my career?

I believe that Deloitte is a great place to start a your career. At Deloitte you have the opportunity to work with a very wide variety of clients, this will give you experience and knowledge that is tough to get anywhere else. Additionally, Deloitte has great benefits and opportunity for growth.
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Why did you decide you wanted to work at Deloitte?

After evaluating options for my future career path I decided to pursue employment with Deloitte for a number of reasons. Deloitte is committed to developing, creating opportunities, and growth for their employees and clients. This comes through many programs that Deloitte offers, for example Delo...
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I really want to succeed going into this audit intern position at Deloitte & Touche. What skills will help me to do so?

Of course to be an audit intern you need to know how accounting works in general, but beyond that it really is on the job training. I would say excel and word are used heavily, so it would be best to be familiar with how the programs work. Other than that, I would just focus on your people skills...
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Is anybody willing to tell me what a Pioneer Intern at Deloitte actually does?

The Pioneer Internship is a very new program offered by Deloitte. It’s a six-week program offered mostly to rising sophomores (although I believe there can be rising juniors as well) that allow you to network with professionals at national training events and learn more about the different servic...
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