Global Americans

About Global Americans

Global Americans is a nonprofit think tank and publication, focused on Latin America.

Global Americans conducts research and analysis on various topics, such as democracy and human rights (including LGBT rights), social inclusion, social investment and violence in Central America, and the foreign policies of the region. Global Americans research has and will continue to create advocacy tools for activists in the region. Our website provides a platform not only for our research and analysis, but also for the opinions and analysis of a wide range of scholars and activists.

What our partners have said about us:
"One of the most important think tanks in the Americas." - Former President Lenín Moreno of Ecuador

"Thank you for being such a diverse platform for critical and diverse ideas." - Ambassador Julissa Reynoso, U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Former Chief of Staff to First Lady Jill Biden

"When I want a nonpartisan or a bipartisan viewpoint on policy and what we need to do to bring our hemisphere together, I look to Global Americans." - Rep. Gregory Meeks (NY-5), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee


Communications Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Washington, DC
“I liked the subject matter of the articles being written by the contributors as well as getting to be a part of a small team. I know working for other journals wouldn't have allowed me to be on a call with the CEO of the journal everyday and I really valued that experience. ”
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