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About GOALOOP - Connecting the World through Goals®

The next chapter at Goaloop: Join us as we prepare to launch Goaloop beyond beta! If you have fun helping others to achieve their goals, and you are determined to reach your own, please keep reading.

Many on Goaloop's team have connections to Columbia University:

We are thrilled to be a client of Yale Law School's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clinic.

Goaloop is a tech start-up based in Manhattan, currently in a closed beta at Join us and become important members of our small, innovative team – which is growing. Goaloop helps you reach your goals and connects the world through goals. Got a goal? Goaloop it! State your goal on Goaloop, and people and resources appear to help you achieve it. We have been called “search inverted.” Goaloop is simple and expansive:

We then Match Goals™: A goal to learn the guitar matches a goal to teach guitar, and sell guitars and make guitars. Goals are the common denominator among all productivity, from Wall Street to Main Street, from non-profits to your mobile office, even goals you wouldn’t think have a monetary value. Goaloop re-envisions the economy based on goals, an accessible, measurable unit, one that inherently embodies a story, and your goal automatically becomes a sharable micro-movie on Goaloop, which we’ll eventually stream on

Connecting goals expands social circles and increases commercial opportunities for everyone. Individual goals connect on Goaloop to form the Goal Market®, the world’s first truly level marketplace, usable with money or without. Connecting goals, we can achieve anything together.

Goaloop has been called, “Capitalism done right,” “Fun,” “The first and only social platform that is healthy to use every day,” "Humane," "Useful," and “Revolutionary.”

In addition to Columbia University, alma maters of our team and Advisory Board include Rutgers, Princeton, M.I.T., Fordham, Tufts, Harvard, Wheaton, Stanford, Iona, Tulane, Yeshiva, and Wharton/UPenn.

Interns at the undergraduate and graduate school levels are important members of our team and our culture: Goaloop interns have joined us from over a dozen universities across the country, including from multiple schools within Columbia, Rutgers, Fordham, Cornell Engineering, Cornell’s Dyson School of Business, Tufts, University at Buffalo, University of Michigan, Pacific Lutheran University, Drexel University, Middlebury College, and Barnard College.

Read more about the Goaloop team at:

We (very occasionally) post articles on Medium and elsewhere:

Social justice, equality, health for all, and peace are important to us at Goaloop, it’s why we exist. Here are three goals that reflect our values:

1) Stop one more instance of abuse or wrongful death in or near a car by creating a network of safe stops across the country:

2) Create the Goaloop Climate Report to link climate change with the economy. This goal has attracted the involvement of a NASA scientist:

3) Stop gun violence, reclaim schools as safe havens for learning and ensure students feel safe without needing to change gun laws:

Check out our other goals at and set your own!

Milestones to date:
- Developed a global platform, live in beta at
- Raised $1.6 million to date
- Exceptional team and Advisory Board
- Launch partners include YWCA of the City of New York, and 85 Broads (now called Ellevate), and a local United Way chapter
- Co-Existence Agreement with Google
- Goaloop is patent pending and our IP portfolio includes registered trademarks

Please join us at the links below: (retired, for now)
... and

We've been shooting team videos, and will be posting rough cuts on our goal page on Goaloop first:

Meantime, here is a short video introducing Goaloop:

Goaloop’s Origin Story:

We know we are not born racist or sexist, science affirms this. We are born into systems that teach these attitudes. How many more lives and lifetimes and libraries will it take to reform them? From Frederick Douglass and Ida B. Wells to Charles Hamilton Houston and Frida Kahlo, James Baldwin, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, Shirley Chisholm, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Angela Davis, Gloria Steinem, and Yuri Kochiyama, from Billie Jean King to Serena Williams and beyond, millions of people have been working to right these issues for centuries. How much longer will it take to reform the structural legacies from the founding of this country, now that we’re tangled up in complex systems welded together by powerful forces? The systems we create, create us in return; they teach us their values.

What if we were to start all over again, knowing what we know now? What if we were to create a brand new system that works within the status quo but is ‘equal,’ created for growth by all from the start, so that its use would cultivate a new community while helping to equalize the systems around it?

These questions led to designing Goaloop, a system to achieve goals that is exhaustively ‘equal.’ Everyone receives the best resources to achieve their goals no matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have, how lucky you are. Goaloop connects everyone by the common humanity of our goals, supporting while transcending identities and other categories often used to divide us, connecting the world as one human family.

While other tech platforms profit from inciting division, Goaloop grows by uniting people to achieve their goals.

While other tech platforms scale inequality, Goaloop’s algorithms help see through biases that blind us at every turn, and help fortify connections between people who may not otherwise meet.

Connecting goals, we can achieve, and become, anything together.

GOALOOP - Connecting the World through Goals®
Supporting while transcending identity to connect everyone by the common humanity of our goals.
The Systems We Create, Create Us In Return™

To apply to join us, please visit:

Thank you for your interest in Goaloop!

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