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Interview with GOALOOP secured! Tips on how to do well?

To do well during an interview with Goaloop, preparation is key, which they explain during the first part of the application process. Beyond preparing for the interview itself, Goaloop is looking for people who strive for excellence, are passionate about helping other people, and are passionate a...
Internet & Tech Interview
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Can you tell me if there's a mentorship program at GOALOOP?

Goaloop’s mentorship program is woven into the internship, it’s an inherent benefit of the internship, and tailored for each intern. As a college student, I receive constant feedback on performance, professional development tips and suggestions, and general life advice and support. I know I can a...
Internet & Tech Mentor
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Should I start off my career at GOALOOP?

Goaloop is a great place to kickstart your career for many reasons. It exposes you to new professional opportunities, enabling you to strengthen your skills and develop new ones, while learning about the startup industry and best practices in multiple professional contexts -- that you don’t learn...
Internet & Tech Post-Graduation
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