The Shepherd Material Science Group

About The Shepherd Material Science Group

The Shepherd Material Science Company is a group of manufacturing companies that develop specialty metal-based chemicals and complex inorganic color pigments. Doing meaningful work with trusted, talented colleagues is our formula for success and being a great place to work. Every day, our employees relentlessly pursue Shepherd’s core purpose of Creating Value and Brightening Lives.


Lab Co Op

January 2024 - May 2024 Monroe, OH
“I thoroughly enjoyed the artistic aspect of this position. Some of my responsibilities included screen printing, firing, and property testing glass slides. To put it simply, GCC specializes in glass oil paints and throughout the semester I was able to make these oil paints from scratch, test different mediums, and record data on them. Working with GCC was lovely, and it truly gave me a new appreciation for the intricacies of chemistry and creativity.”

Quality Control Lab Assistant

May 2022 - August 2022 Norwood, OH
“I liked how welcoming everyone was. I never felt like "just and intern", but I felt like an integral and useful part of the workplace. I also appreciated how knowledgeable all the employees were and how willing they were to teach me and give me handy tips and tricks. I liked how I was given meaningful tasks to do that was actually useful to the greater operation of the company, and not simply menial errands. I found it very encouraging how open management was with their employees, and how much they seemed to really care about each person's well-being. Whether this be the employee appreciation day, the really in-depth and informing All-Team Meetings, or the constant check-ups on personal, the whole company dynamic always felt personal and intentional.”
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