The Shepherd Material Science Group

Quality Control Lab Assistant

May - August 2022 • Norwood, OH

What I liked

I liked how welcoming everyone was. I never felt like "just and intern", but I felt like an integral and useful part of the workplace. I also appreciated how knowledgeable all the employees were and how willing they were to teach me and give me handy tips and tricks. I liked how I was given meaningful tasks to do that was actually useful to the greater operation of the company, and not simply menial errands. I found it very encouraging how open management was with their employees, and how much they seemed to really care about each person's well-being. Whether this be the employee appreciation day, the really in-depth and informing All-Team Meetings, or the constant check-ups on personal, the whole company dynamic always felt personal and intentional.

What I wish was different

I don't really regret anything about my experience with Shepherd, it was overall very positive. If I could've changed anything about my summer as a whole, it would've been to not take a summer class in conjunction with working a full-time internship. Not taking a class would've allowed me the mental space and time to focus on the job and absorbing the most experience and knowledge possible; but that change has nothing to do with Shepherd. My only small difficulties came with the inconsistency of work load. Some days I would be doing nonstop titrations and analysis and other days there would be barely any work to do. However, I think this gave me a great taste of how a full-time post-college job operates and it made me appreciate the slow days after a long and more intense week. Again, no real downsides to my time at Shepherd, it was a very beneficial, enjoyable, and impactful experience.


If someone were to work in Quality Control at Shepherd in the future, I would recommend making the most out of and investing in your relationships with your coworkers. Ask every question that comes to you, no matter how small or obvious it may seem. As one should with all jobs, get to know everyone as people and foster good conversations. They're all wonderful people and it will make your experience infinitely more enjoyable. I would encourage you to be open to change and advice. Most the people working here have been working longer than I've been alive. They know so much and are incredibly knowledgeable. If they have information for you, listen. Odds are, there's an easier, smarter, or more efficient way to accomplish whatever task you're working on.
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